Magic Is The Moonlight

Song Author Maria Grever Lyrics by: Maria Grever Performer: Julie London Submitted by: Anonymous
[Em7]Magic [A7]is the m[D]oonlight [G6]    [D]    
[Dalt]On this [A7]lover's J[D]une night, [G6]    [D]    
[Dalt]As I s     [D6]ee the [Em7]moonlight [G/B]    [A7]    
[Em7]Shining [A7]in your e[D]yes. [Bm7]    [A7]    

[Em7]Can't res[A7]ist the [D]power [G6]    [D]    
[Dalt]In this [A7]moonlit h[D]our [G6]    [D]    
[Dalt]Love b     [D6]egan to [Em7]flower [G/B]    [A7]    
[Em7]This is [A7]parad[D]ise. [Dm7]    [D7]    

[D7/F#]Living in the sp[G]lendor [G/F#]    [Em7]    
[A7]Of your [G/B]kiss so t[D]ender [G6]    [D]    
[F#m]Make my heart surr[E7]ender [Bm7-5]    [E7]    
To a [Fdim]love divi[A]ne.  [G/B]    [A7]    

[Em7]Magic [A7]is the m[D]oonlight[G6]    [D]    
[Dalt]More than [A7]any J[D]une night [G6]    [D]    
[Dalt]Magic      [D6]is the m[Em7]oonlight[G/B]    [A7]    
[Em7]For it m[A7]ade you m[D]ine.

Magic is the moonlight
On this lover's June night,
As I see the moonlight
Shining in your eyes.

Can't resist the power
In this moonlit hour
Love began to flower
This is paradise.

Living in the splendor
Of your kiss so tender
Make my heart surrender [Bm7-5]
To a love divine.

Magic is the moonlight
More than any June night
Magic is the moonlight
For it made you mine.


  • Em7
  • A7
  • D
  • G6
  • Dalt: not exist
  • D6
  • G/B
  • Bm7
  • Dm7
  • D7
  • D7/F#
  • G
  • G/F#
  • F#m
  • E7
  • Fdim
  • A

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