Lover Come Back to Me

T[D]he   [Em7]sky     [A7]was b[D6]lue    [F#7] and high[Gdim] a - b     [F#7]ove    
[Bm]The moon was [Bm7/E]new, and[E7/9] so      [E7]was    [E7alt]love;       [E7]    
[D]This [Em7]ea -    [A7]ger h[D6]eart [A7]of m   [D]ine  [Dalt] was      [A6/7/9]sing - i       [A7]ng,   
"L[D]ov - [G]er, [G/B]where [A7sus4] can        [A7+5]you b     [D]e?" [A7]    

Y[D]ou   [Em7]came     [A7]at l   [D6]ast;   [F#7] love[Gdim] had its [F#7]day;    
[Bm]That day is [Bm7/E]past; you've [E7/9]gone      [E7]a -    [E7alt] way.       [E7]    
[D]This [Em7]ach - [A7]ing h[D6]eart [A7]of m   [D]ine  [Dalt] is      [A6/7/9]sing - i       [A7]ng,   

"L[D]ov - [G]er, [G/B]come [A7sus4] back        [A7+5]to m     [D]e.  [F#7]"    

[Bm]I re - [F#7]mem - ber [Bm]ev'ry [F#7]lit - tle t[Em]hing you [Gdim]used to [Bm]do;   
[F#]I'm   [Gdim] so l     [F#7]one -    [C#m7-5] ly;       
[Bm]Ev'ry r[F#7]oad I w[Bm]alk a - [F#7]long I've w[Em]alked a - [Gdim]long with [Bm]you --
[E7/9]No won - der[Em7] I am l[A7]one -[Em7] ly. [A9]    

[D]The  [Em7] sky     [A7]is b   [D6]lue,   [F#7] the [Gdim]night is [F#7]cold,    
[Bm]The moon is[Bm7/E] new, but [E7/9]love      [E7]is    [E7alt] old;       [E7]    
[Em]And    [B+]while I'm [Em7]waiting [Em6]here, [A7]this h[D]eart of [Bm]mine is[A6/7/9] sing -        [A7]ing,   
[D]"Lover, c[G/B]ome     [A7sus4] back        [A7+5] to m     [D]e." [G]    [D]    

The sky was blue and high a - bove
The moon was new, and so was love;
This ea -ger heart of mine was sing - ing,
"Lov - er, where can you be?"

You came at last; love had its day;
That day is past; you've gone a - way.
This ach - ing heart of mine is sing - ing,

"Lov - er, come back to me."

I re - mem - ber ev'ry lit - tle thing you used to do;
I'm so lone -[C#m7-5] ly;
Ev'ry road I walk a - long I've walked a - long with you --
No won - der I am lone - ly.

The sky is blue, the night is cold,
The moon is new, but love is old;
And while I'm waiting here, this heart of mine is sing - ing,
"Lover, come back to me."


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