Love Is Strange

Song Author Ethel Smith og Mickey Baker Performer: Buddy Holly Submitted by: Anonymous

[G]Love [C]hmhmm [D7]love is [G]strange [C]hmhmm
[D7]Lot of [G]people hm[C]hmm [D7]take it for a [G]game
[D7]Once you [G]get it hm[C]hmm [D7]your in an awful [G]fix hm[C]hmm  
[D7]After you've [G]had it hm[C]hmm [D7]you never want to [G]quit

[D7]Many [G]people hm[C]hmm [D7]don't under[G]stand no [C]no  
[D7]They think [G]loving yay [C]yay [D7]is money in the [G]hand
[D7]Your sweet [G]loving hm[C]hmm [D7]is better than a [G]kiss yay [C]yay  
[D7]When you [G]leave me hm[C]hmm [D7]sweet kisses I'll [G]miss

Love hmhmm love is strange hmhmm
Lot of people hmhmm take it for a game
Once you get it hmhmm your in an awful fix hmhmm
After you've had it hmhmm you never want to quit

Many people hmhmm don't understand no no
They think loving yay yay is money in the hand
Your sweet loving hmhmm is better than a kiss yay yay
When you leave me hmhmm sweet kisses I'll miss


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