Love Is A Simple Thing

Song Author June Carroll og Arthur Siegel Lyrics by: June Carroll og Arthur Siegel Performer: Debbie Reynolds Submitted by: Anonymous
P[G]oets w[G/F#]rite      [Em7]fancy t[Am7]hings about [Cdim]love,     
But t[G]hey don't h[Em7]ave no [Am7]call; [D7]    
L[G]ove [G/F#]is like b[Em7]irth or d[Am7]eath or [Cdim]taxes --
L[G]ove  [D6/9f#] just        [Em7]is,     [Em7sus4]that's         [Am7]all. [D7]    

L[G]ove is a [Em7]simple thing, l[Am7]ove is a [D7/9]silver ring,
S[G]hiny as a r[G7]ibbon bow, [Am7]soft as a [Cm7]quiet snow,
L[G9]ove is a[D6/9/F#] nursery r[Am7]hyme,    [D7]    [G6]old as the [Edim]tick of t[Am7]ime.     [D7]    
[G]Love is s[Em7]o many things, [Am7]bright as an [D7/9]angel's wings,
[G]Gentle as the mo[G7]rning light, [Am7]long as a [Cm7]winter night,
L[G9]ove makes an[D6/9/F#] old heart [E]sing, [Fdim]    [E7]    
And it f[C]ills[C/B] ev'ry [Am7]empty [Cm7]space, l[G]ove [G/F#]is a w     [Em7]arming place,
L[C]ove [C/B]is a     [Am7]sim -    [Cdim] ple th[G]ing.

[G]Love is a [Em7]simple thing, [Am7]love is a [D7/9]magic ring,
[G]Much more fun than [G7]mistletoe, [Am7]gay as a [Cm7]puppet show,
[G9]Love is the[D6/9/F#] thunder and [Am7]rain,    [D7] s   [G6]wift as a [Edim]soaring p[Am7]lane,    [D7]    
L[G]ove is a [Em7]summer moon, [Am7]gay as a [D7/9]big balloon,
[G]Young as a cal[G7]liope, w[Am7]ild as a s[Cm7]torm at sea,
[G9]Love is a [D6/9/F#]touch of sp[E]ring, [Fdim]    [E7]    
It's as s[C]weet[C/B] as a f[Am7]irst em[Cm7]brace, l[G]ove  [G/F#] is a      [Em7]special place,
[C]Love[C/B] is a [Am7]sim -    [Cdim] ple th[G]ing.

Poets write fancy things about love,
But they don't have no call;
Love is like birth or death or taxes --
Love just is, that's all.

Love is a simple thing, love is a silver ring,
Shiny as a ribbon bow, soft as a quiet snow,
Love is a nursery rhyme, old as the tick of time.
Love is so many things, bright as an angel's wings,
Gentle as the morning light, long as a winter night,
Love makes an old heart sing,
And it fills ev'ry empty space, love is a warming place,
Love is a sim - ple thing.

Love is a simple thing, love is a magic ring,
Much more fun than mistletoe, gay as a puppet show,
Love is the thunder and rain, swift as a soaring plane,
Love is a summer moon, gay as a big balloon,
Young as a calliope, wild as a storm at sea,
Love is a touch of spring,
It's as sweet as a first embrace, love is a special place,
Love is a sim - ple thing.


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