Love In Bloom

Song Author Leo Robin og Ralph Rainger Lyrics by: Leo Robin og Ralph Rainger Performer: Bing Crosby Submitted by: Anonymous
B[G]lue [Edim]night a[A7]nd y   [D]ou,  [B7]    [G]a - l[A]one [Edim]with      [D6]me   
[D7]My h   [G]eart[G/F#] has [Em7]nev - er k[A7]nown [Cdim]such      [D]ec - sta - [G]sy.  [Em7]    [A7]    
[G]Am  [Edim] I      [A7]on ea[D]rth,[B7]    [G]am   [A]I   [Edim] in      [A7]heav - en?

C[A7]an it [Em7]be the t[D]rees that [Edim]fill the b[Bm]reeze
With [F#m]rare and [Em7]mag - ic[Edim] per - fu[G]me? [G/F#]    [-]    [Em7]    
[Em7]Oh,     [A6/7/9] no, it[Cdim] is - n't the t[A]rees, [Em7]it's l[D]ove in bl[Bm]oom. [G]    [A7]    

[A7]Can it[Em7] be the sp[D]ring that [Edim]seems to b[Bm]ring   
The s[F#m]tars right [Em7]in - to [Edim]this ro[G]om? [G/F#]    [-]    [Em7]    
[Em7]Oh,     [A6/7/9] no, it       [Cdim] is - n't the sp[A]ring, [Edim]it's l     [Dm7]ove in bl[D9]oom.   

[F#m]My heart was a [C#7]des - ert; [F#m] you p[Bm]lan - ted a [C#7]seed,    
[F#m]And this is the f[C#7]low - er,[F#m] this [F#m/E]hour of [Edim]sweet ful - f[E]ill - ment.

[A7]Is it [Em7]all a dr[D]eam, the[Edim] joy su - p[Bm]reme   
That [F#m]came to[Em7] us in[Edim] the gl[G]oom? [G/F#]    [-]    [Em7]    
[Em7]You     [A6/7/9] know it       [Cdim] is - n't a dr[A]eam, it's [Edim]love in b[Dm7]loom. [D9]    

Blue night and you, a - lone with me
My heart has nev - er known such ec - sta - sy.
Am I on earth, am I in heav - en?

Can it be the trees that fill the breeze
With rare and mag - ic per - fume? [-]
Oh, no, it is - n't the trees, it's love in bloom.

Can it be the spring that seems to bring
The stars right in - to this room? [-]
Oh, no, it is - n't the spring, it's love in bloom.

My heart was a des - ert; you plan - ted a seed,
And this is the flow - er, this hour of sweet ful - fill - ment.

Is it all a dream, the joy su - preme
That came to us in the gloom? [-]
You know it is - n't a dream, it's love in bloom.


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