Song Author Einar Askelsson Lyrics by: Einar Askelsson Performer: Einar Askelsson Submitted by: eask
[D]Why can´t[Em] I be myself?
[C]How could[G] I leave you?
[D]Where wil[Em]lI I end up now?
[C]What´s ha[Fm]ppening to me?

[D]Why do I [Em]burn myself?
[C]How can I[G] ease my pain?
[D]Where is [Em]my angel now?
[C]What is w[Fm]rong with me?

[G]I don´t wanna [F]live w[C]ithout you
[G]From now on I[F]´ll be [C]so true.
[F#]I regret how [D]much [E]I hurt you.
[F#]I will make[D] you happy [E]again! [Em]    

[D]Why did y[Em]ou search for me?
[C]How could[G] you find me here?
[D]Where do [Em]you want me to go?
[C]What have[Fm] I done to you?

[D]Why do I [Em]always get lost?
[C]    [G]    

Why can´t I be myself?
How could I leave you?
Where willI I end up now?
What´s happening to me?

Why do I burn myself?
How can I ease my pain?
Where is my angel now?
What is wrong with me?

I don´t wanna live without you
From now on I´ll be so true.
I regret how much I hurt you.
I will make you happy again!

Why did you search for me?
How could you find me here?
Where do you want me to go?
What have I done to you?

Why do I always get lost?


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