Longing to belong

Song Author Eddie Vedder Lyrics by: Eddie Vedder Performer: Eddie Vedder Submitted by: saevar
[Cmaj7]    [Fadd9]    [Cmaj7]    [Fadd9]    
[Cmaj7]I'm falling [Fadd9]harder than I've
[Cmaj7]Ever fell [Fadd9]before      
[Cmaj7]I'm falling [Fadd9]fast while hoping
[Cmaj7]I'll land in your [Fadd9]arms      
[Dm]Cause all my [A]time is spent here
[F]Longing to be[G7]long   
To [Cmaj7]you [Fadd9]    [Cmaj7]    [Fadd9]    

[Cmaj7]    [Fadd9]    
[Cmaj7]I dream of [Fadd9]circles perfect
[Cmaj7]Eyes within your [Fadd9]face      
[Cmaj7]My heart's an [Fadd9]open wound that
[Cmaj7]Only youʼd re[Fadd9]place      
[Dm]And though the [F#]moon is [G]rising
[Dm]Can't put your [F#]picture [G]down
[Dm]Love, it's a [F#]frightening [G]way to [Cmaj7]fall      
[Fadd9]    [Cmaj7]    [Fadd9]    

[Dm]And when the [A]time is right
I [F]hope that you'll re[G7]spond
[Dm]Like when the [A]wind gets tired
The [F]ocean becomes [G7]calm   
[Dm]I may be [A]dreaming but I'm
[F]Longing to be[G7]long   
To [Cmaj7]you      
[Fadd9]    [Cmaj7]    [Fadd9]    

[Cmaj7]    [Fadd9]    [Cmaj7]    [Fadd9]    [Cmaj7]    

I'm falling harder than I've
Ever fell before
I'm falling fast while hoping
I'll land in your arms
Cause all my time is spent here
Longing to belong
To you

I dream of circles perfect
Eyes within your face
My heart's an open wound that
Only youʼd replace
And though the moon is rising
Can't put your picture down
Love, it's a frightening way to fall

And when the time is right
I hope that you'll respond
Like when the wind gets tired
The ocean becomes calm
I may be dreaming but I'm
Longing to belong
To you


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