Long, Long, Long

Song Author George Harrison Lyrics by: George Harrison Performer: The Beatles Submitted by: Hjalti_G
Capo on fret 3

[A]It's been a [G]long, [F#m]long, [Em]long [D]time
[A]How could I ever have [Em]lost you[D]    [A]    
[Em]When I [D]loved [A]you  [A7]    

[A]It took a [G]long, [F#m]long, [Em]long [D]time
[A]Now I'm so happy I [Em]found you[D]    [A]    
[Em]How I [D]love [A]you  [A7]    

[G]So many [D]tears I was [A]searching[Em]    
[G]So many [D]tears I was [A]wast[Em]ing    [G]oh   [A]oh  

[A]Now I can [G]see [F#m]you     [Em]be    [D]you  
[A]how can I ever mis[Em]place you[D]    [A]    
[Em]how I [D]want [A]you  [A7]    

[Em]oh, I [D]love [A]you  
[Em]you know that I [D]need [A]you  
[Em]Ooh, I [D]love [A]you  

It's been a long, long, long time
How could I ever have lost you
When I loved you

It took a long, long, long time
Now I'm so happy I found you
How I love you

So many tears I was searching
So many tears I was wasting oh oh

Now I can see you be you
how can I ever misplace you
how I want you

oh, I love you
you know that I need you
Ooh, I love you


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