Little Things Mean A Lot

Song Author Edith Lindeman og Carl Stutz Lyrics by: Edith Lindeman og Carl Stutz Performer: Kitty Kallen Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]Blow me a [Em]kiss ac[Am7]ross the r[D7]oom,   
[Am7]Say I look [Cdim]nice when I'm n[G]ot,  
[G]Touch my h[G7]air as you p[C]ass my c[Cm]hair --
[Am7]Little things [Cdim]mean a l[G]ot.  

[G]Give me your a[Em]rm as we c[Am7]ross the s[D7]treet,
[Am7]Call me at [Cdim]six on the d[G]ot;  
A l[G]ine a d[G7]ay when you're f[C]ar a[Cm]way --
[Am7]Little things [D7]mean a l[G]ot  

D[G7]on't have to[Bm7-5] buy me [G7]diamonds or [Bm7-5]pearls,      
[G7]Champagne, [Fdim]sables or [Cm7/6]such;      
[B7]I never [Cdim]cared much for [Em]diamonds and p[B+]earls,
'Cause h[Am7]onestly, h[E7]oney, they j[Am7]ust c    [D9]ost    [Am7]mon -    [Cdim] ey.     

[G]Give me your h[Em]and when I've [Am7]lost the [D7]way,   
[Am7]Give me your [Cdim]shoulder to [G6/5]cry on;
Whe[E]ther the d[E7]ay is br[Am]ight or [Am+7]gray,     
[A7]Give me your [Gdim]heart to r[D9]ely on.

[G]Send me the wa[Em]rmth of a [Am7]secret smi[D7]le   
To [Am7]show me you [Cdim]haven't forg[G]ot;  
For a[C]lways and [D9]ever, n[C]ow and for[A7]ever,
[Am7]Little things [D7]mean a l[G]ot.  

Blow me a kiss across the room,
Say I look nice when I'm not,
Touch my hair as you pass my chair --
Little things mean a lot.

Give me your arm as we cross the street,
Call me at six on the dot;
A line a day when you're far away --
Little things mean a lot

Don't have to[Bm7-5] buy me diamonds or [Bm7-5]pearls,
Champagne, sables or such;
I never cared much for diamonds and pearls,
'Cause honestly, honey, they just cost mon - ey.

Give me your hand when I've lost the way,
Give me your shoulder to cry on;
Whether the day is bright or gray,
Give me your heart to rely on.

Send me the warmth of a secret smile
To show me you haven't forgot;
For always and ever, now and forever,
Little things mean a lot.


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