Song Author Jack Lawrence Performer: Buddy Clark Submitted by: jonagust

[A7]When [D]I go to s[Dm7]leep, I n[D6]ever count s[Dm7]heep.    
I co[D]unt all the ch[Cdim]arms about [Em7]Linda; [A7]    
And [Dm7]lately, it s[A7]eems, in [G/B]all of my [A7]dreams,
I w[Em7]alk with my [A7]arms about L[D]inda.
But wh[G]at good [Em]does it [D]do me?
For L[D6]inda d[A7]oesn't [F#7]know I [E7]ex - [D]ist.
[C#m7-5]Can't help f[F#7]eeling gl[Bm]oomy -- [Bm7]    
Th[E7]ink of all the [Bm7-5]love that[Edim] I've m[A7]issed. [A7+5]    
(A7) D DM7 D6 DM7
We pass on the street, my heart skips a beat,
I [D]say to my[Cdim]self, "Hello, [Em7]Linda." [A7]    
If [Dm7]only she'd [A7]smile and [G/B]stop for a w[A7]hile,
And [Em7]then I would g[A7]et to know [D]Linda.
But [G]mir -[G/F#] a -      [Em]cles s[Em7]till h[D]appen, [F#m]    

And [D]when my [A7]lucky [F#7]star be[Am7]gins to [B7]shine,
With[Em7] one lucky[G/B] break I'll make[Gdim] Lin - [A7]da m   [D]ine. [D]    [Alt]    [Gdim]    [D6]    

When I go to sleep, I never count sheep.
I count all the charms about Linda;
And lately, it seems, in all of my dreams,
I walk with my arms about Linda.
But what good does it do me?
For Linda doesn't know I ex - ist.
[C#m7-5]Can't help feeling gloomy --
Think of all the [Bm7-5]love that I've missed.
(A7) D DM7 D6 DM7
We pass on the street, my heart skips a beat,
I say to myself, "Hello, Linda."
If only she'd smile and stop for a while,
And then I would get to know Linda.
But mir - a - cles still happen,

And when my lucky star begins to shine,
With one lucky break I'll make Lin - da mine.


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