Lets Pretend Theres A Moon

Song Author Grace Hamilton , Jack Stern og Russ Columbo Performer: Russ Columbo Submitted by: jonagust

[G]Here [G/F#]are y     [Em]ou, and [C]here[C/B] am     [D7]I,   
[G]There [G/F#]ain't no m[E7]oon    [C] up t[C/B]here on [Cdim]high,     
But [G]it's a l[G+7]ovely n[G7]ight to s[C]poon, [Cm]    
[G]Let's pret[C]end that [Cdim]there's a m[G]oon. [G/F#]    [D7]    

Nig[G]hts l[G/F#]ike t     [Em]hese [C] were m[C/B]ade for l[D7]ove,   
[G] Re - g[G/F#]ard - less [E7]of the [C]moon[C/B] up a - [Cdim]bove;     
The [G]time and[G+7] place are [G7]op - por - t[C]une --[Cm]    
[G]Let's pret[C]end that [Cdim]there's a m[G]oon. [G/F#]    

The [B7]poets [Cdim]like to t[B7]ell a[B7/F#]bout that s[B7]pell of [Cdim]moonlight bl[B7]iss; [B7/F#]    
[B7]They [B7/F#]weave it [B7]into [Cdim]ev' - ry r[B7]hyme; [Cdim]    [A]    
We [Em7]need no m[A]oon a - [E7]bove to t[A]ell us [Fdim]when to k[A]iss --
W[D]hy should [Am7]we be [Edim]wasting t[D7]ime?   

[G]Here[G/F#] are      [Em]we, [C] and [C/B]here is l[D7]ove;   
[G]Who c[G/F#]ares if [E7]there [Fdim]ain't no [C]moon[C/B] up a - [Cdim]bove?     
L[G]et's pre[G+7]tend that t[G7]his is the m[C]onth of J[Cm]une,   
[G]Let's pret[C]end that [Cdim]there's a m[G]oon.

Here are you, and here am I,
There ain't no moon up there on high,
But it's a lovely night to spoon,
Let's pretend that there's a moon.

Nights like these were made for love,
Re - gard - less of the moon up a - bove;
The time and place are op - por - tune --
Let's pretend that there's a moon.

The poets like to tell about that spell of moonlight bliss;
They weave it into ev' - ry rhyme;
We need no moon a - bove to tell us when to kiss --
Why should we be wasting time?

Here are we, and here is love;
Who cares if there ain't no moon up a - bove?
Let's pretend that this is the month of June,
Let's pretend that there's a moon.


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