Let There Be Love

Song Author Ian Grant og Lionel Rand Performer: Nat King Cole Submitted by: jonagust

Let there be [Cm7]you,     [Em7] let there be [G/Bb]me,     
[A7-9]Let there be [Dm7-5]oysters, [Fdim] under the [C9]sea, [Dm7]    [Em7]    
[Cdim]Let there be w[Dm7]ind,     [Fdim] occasional r[C9]ain, [Cm7/6]    
[Cdim]Chili con ca[Dm7]rne,     [Fdim] and sparkling cham[Cm7/6]pagne, [Dm7]    [Fdim]    
Let there be [C9]birds [Em7] to sing in the t[C9]rees, [Gdim]    [Dm7]    
Someone to [Dm7-5]bless me [Fdim] whenever I s[C9]neeze,[Gdim]    [Dm7]    
[Fdim]Let there be [C9]cuckoos,[Em7] a lark and a d[A9]ove --[Em7]    [A7]    
But [Fdim]first of all, p[Dm7]lease, [Fdim] let there be l[C]ove. [Bb9]    [Cm7/6]    

Let there be you, let there be me,
[A7-9]Let there be [Dm7-5]oysters, under the sea,
Let there be wind, occasional rain,
Chili con carne, and sparkling champagne,
Let there be birds to sing in the trees,
Someone to [Dm7-5]bless me whenever I sneeze,
Let there be cuckoos, a lark and a dove --
But first of all, please, let there be love.


  • Cm7
  • Em7
  • G/Bb
  • Fdim
  • C9
  • Dm7
  • Cdim
  • Cm7/6
  • Gdim
  • A9
  • A7
  • C
  • Bb9

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