Last Night When We Were Young

Song Author E.Y. "Yip" Harburg og Harold Arlen Lyrics by: E.Y. "Yip" Harburg og Harold Arlen Performer: Carmen MacRae Submitted by: Anonymous
L[A7]ast    [Dm7/9]night       [Em7] when [D9]we were y[F#m7]oung,      [F7-9]    
[Cdim]Love was a [E9]star, a [E7-9]song un[Em7]sung; [A7]    
[Edim]Life was so n[D9]ew, so [Cdim]real so b[Em7]right, [Edim]    
[A7-9]Ages a     [D]go   [B7] last n[C]ight. [A7]    

[A7]To -   [Dm7/9] day       [Em7] the w[D9]orld is [F#m7]old,      [F7-9]    
[Cdim]You flew a[E9]way and [E7-9]time grew c[Em7]old. [A7]    
[Edim]Where is that [D9]star that s[Cdim]hone so b[Em7]right [Edim]    
[A7-9]Ages a     [D]go   [B7] last n[C]ight? [A7]    

To t[Am7]hink that spring had de - [Cdim]pend -     [F#7] ed on
[F7-9]Merely t[E7]his -- a l[F#7]ook, a k[Dm]iss.   
To t[Am7]hink that something so [F#m7]splen - did
Could slip a -[Bm7-5] way in [E7-9]one little[Edim] day - b[A7-9]reak.     

[A7]So    [Dm7/9] now       [Em7] let's r[D9]em - i - [F#m7]nisce,     [F7-9]    
And [B7]re -col - [Am7]lect the sighs and the[E7-9] kis - [F#7]ses,    
The a[B7]rms that [E7-9]clung      [E7] when [Dm]we were [G/B]young    [A7sus4] last n       [D9]ight,
[A7-9]Ages a     [D]go   [B7] l   [A7]ast    [Dm7/9]night.      

Last night when we were young, [F7-9]
Love was a star, a [E7-9]song unsung;
Life was so new, so real so bright,
[A7-9]Ages ago last night.

To - day the world is old, [F7-9]
You flew away and [E7-9]time grew cold.
Where is that star that shone so bright
[A7-9]Ages ago last night?

To think that spring had de - pend - ed on
[F7-9]Merely this -- a look, a kiss.
To think that something so splen - did
Could slip a -[Bm7-5] way in [E7-9]one little day - b[A7-9]reak.

So now let's rem - i - nisce,[F7-9]
And re -col - lect the sighs and the[E7-9] kis - ses,
The arms that [E7-9]clung when we were young last night,
[A7-9]Ages ago last night.


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