Lady Wingshot

Song Author Neil Young Submitted by: Anonymous
[A]    [Asus4]    
[A]You [E]are [A]so in[E]viting[A]    
and [E]I am [D]so in [E]tune with [A]you  
your j[E]aw is f[A]ast as l[E]ightning [A]    
and [E]I am [D]captured [E]by your [A]moves

[A]    [Asus4]    
[A]You [E]ride in thr[A]ee-ring spl[E]endor [A]    
I [E]find I'm [D]rising [E]with the [A]crowd
Too [E]small for [A]you to [E]see me[A]    
al[E]though I'm [D]yelling [E]right out [A]loud

[A]    [Asus4]    
[Bm]When you see the [G]golden trigger
[E]stand before your [D]eye, [E]eye, [G]eyes
by the time you [E]stop to figure
the [Bm]lady wingshot [D]fly, [E]flies [A]away

[A]    [Asus4]    
[A]Fly [E]by, [A]Lady [E]Wingshot[A]    
why [E]can't you [D]slow down [E]in the [A]crowd
My [E]my, [A]Lady [E]Wingshot[A]    
each [E]bullet [D]ringing [E]true and [A]loud

You are so inviting
and I am so in tune with you
your jaw is fast as lightning
and I am captured by your moves

You ride in three-ring splendor
I find I'm rising with the crowd
Too small for you to see me
although I'm yelling right out loud

When you see the golden trigger
stand before your eye, eye, eyes
by the time you stop to figure
the lady wingshot fly, flies away

Fly by, Lady Wingshot
why can't you slow down in the crowd
My my, Lady Wingshot
each bullet ringing true and loud


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