La Grange

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[Am]    [Am/C]    [Am/D]    
[Am]    [Am/C]    [Am/D]    
[Am]Rumour [Am/C]spreadi[Am/D]n' a     [Am]round in that [Am/C]Tex –      [Am/D]as      [Am]town   
[Am]Bout that shack [Am/C]out -      [Am/D]side      [Am]La Grange (you [Am/C]know      [Am/D]what I'm [Am]talkin' about)

[Am]    [Am/C]    [Am/D]    
[Am]    [Am/C]    [Am/D]    
[Am]Just [Am/C]let      [Am/D]me      [Am]know if you [Am/C]wann - [Am/D]a      [Am]go   
[Am]To that [Am/C]home out [Am/D]on the [Am]range (they gotta [Am/C]lotta      [Am/D]nice      [Am]girls)

[Am]Have mer[Am/C]cy [Am/D]    [Am]    
[Am]A haw, [Am/C]haw,      [Am/D]haw,      [Am]haw, a [Am]haw - a [Am/C]haw,      [Am/D]haw,      [Am]haw   

[Am]Well, I [Am/C]hear      [Am/D]it's      [Am]fine, if you [Am/C]got      [Am/D]the      [Am]time   
[Am]And the [Am/C]ten to [Am/D]get yourself [Am]in - a [Am/C]hmm,      [Am/D]hmm      [Am]    
[Am]And I [Am/C]hear      [Am/D]it's      [Am]tight most [Am/C]ever - [Am/D]y      [Am]night
[Am]But now I [Am/C]might      [Am/D]be mist[Am]aken - hmm, [Am/C]hmm,      [Am/D]hmm -      [Am]have mercy...

[Cm]    [Cm/D#]    [Cm/F]    [Cm]    
[Cm]    [Cm/D#]    [Cm/F]    [Cm]    
[Cm]    [Cm/D#]    [Cm/F]    [Cm]    
[Am]    [Am/C]    [Am/D]    [Am]    
[Am]    [Am/C]    [Am/D]    [Am]    
[Am]    [Am/C]    [Am/D]    [Am]    

Rumour spreadin' around in that Tex – as town
Bout that shack out - side La Grange (you know what I'm talkin' about)

Just let me know if you wann - a go
To that home out on the range (they gotta lotta nice girls)

Have mercy
A haw, haw, haw, haw, a haw - a haw, haw, haw

Well, I hear it's fine, if you got the time
And the ten to get yourself in - a hmm, hmm
And I hear it's tight most ever - y night
But now I might be mistaken - hmm, hmm, hmm - have mercy...


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