Just One More Chance

Song Author Sam Coslow og Arthur Johnston Lyrics by: Sam Coslow og Arthur Johnston Performer: Les Paul og Mary Ford Submitted by: Anonymous
J[A]ust [D9]one   [Bm7-5] more ch[A]ance [C#m7]    [Cdim]    [E7]    
[E]To p[D9]rove   [Cdim] it's      [E]you a[Cdim]lone I [E7]care for [C#m7]    [Cdim]    [E7]    
[E]Each [D9]nigh   [Cdim]t I s     [E]ay a [Cdim]little p[E7]rayer for j[A]ust [D9]one    [Dm6]more ch[E7]ance   

[A]Just [D9]one   [Bm7-5] more ni[A]ght [C#m7]    [Cdim]    [E7]    
[E]To t[D9]aste   [Cdim] the k     [E]isses[Cdim] that enc[E7]hant me [C#m7]    [Cdim]    [E7]    
[E]I'd w[D9]ant    [Cdim]no ot     [E]hers[Cdim] if you'd g[E7]rant me j[A]ust  [Cdim] one m     [E]ore c[A]hance

[A7]I've le[Em7]arned the me[A7]aning[Cdim] of re     [D9]penta[D]nce;
[Dm]Now you're the[Bm7-5] jury at my tr[A]ial.
[F#7]I know that I should [C#m7-5]serve my [Bm]sentence,
[B7]Still, I'm[B7/F#] hoping      [Cdim] all the w[E]hile [E7]you'll [D9]give   [Bm7-5] me      

[A]Just [D9]one   [Bm7-5] more wo[A]rd; [C#m7]    [Cdim]    [E7]    
[E]I sa[D9]id    [Cdim]that      [E]I was[Cdim] glad to s[E7]tart out [C#m7]    [Cdim]    [E7]    
[E]But n[D9]ow    [Cdim]I'm b     [E]ack to [Cdim]cry my h[E7]eart out[Fdim] for j     [A]ust  [Cdim] one m     [E]ore c[A]hance.

Just one[Bm7-5] more chance
To prove it's you alone I care for
Each night I say a little prayer for just one more chance

Just one[Bm7-5] more night
To taste the kisses that enchant me
I'd want no others if you'd grant me just one more chance

I've learned the meaning of repentance;
Now you're the[Bm7-5] jury at my trial.
I know that I should [C#m7-5]serve my sentence,
Still, I'm hoping all the while you'll give[Bm7-5] me

Just one[Bm7-5] more word;
I said that I was glad to start out
But now I'm back to cry my heart out for just one more chance.


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