June In January

Song Author Robin og Rainger Performer: Dean Martin Submitted by: jonagust

[A7]It's J[D]une in [D6]Jan - u -[Fdim] ar -      [D]y  
Be[Em]cause I'm in l[A7]ove   
[Em7]It alw[A7]ays is sp[G]ring in my h[A9]eart with y[D]ou in my a[G]rms.[A7]    
The sn[D]ow is j[D6]ust white b[Fdim]los - s[D]oms that f[Em7]all from a[A7]bove.
And [Em7]here is [A7]the r[G]eason, my dear -- [Gdim]your      [Dm7]magical ch[D6]arms.[G7]    [F#7]    [Bm]    
The night is [Fdim]cold,      [Bm]the trees are b[Em6]are    
[Bm]But    [F#]I can f[Bm7]eel the scent of [E9]roses [E7]in the [A7]air. [A7+5]    

[A7]It's J[D]une in [D6]Jan - u -[Fdim] ar -      [D]y  
Be[Em]cause I'm in l[A7]ove.   
[Em7]But     [A7]only bec[Em7]ause I'm in l[A9]ove    [A7]with y[D]ou.  

It's June in Jan - u - ar - y
Because I'm in love
It always is spring in my heart with you in my arms.
The snow is just white blos - soms that fall from above.
And here is the reason, my dear -- your magical charms.
The night is cold, the trees are bare
But I can feel the scent of roses in the air.

It's June in Jan - u - ar - y
Because I'm in love.
But only because I'm in love with you.


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