Ive Got A Right To Sing The Blues

Song Author Harold Arlen og Ted Koehler Lyrics by: Harold Arlen og Ted Koehler Performer: Lena Horne Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]I   [F#m]gotta [Bm]right to[Bm7-5] sing the b[E7/9]lues,     
I [Bm7-5]gotta       [A7/6]right to [A(v)]feel low [Bb7]down; [Fdim]    
I [E7-9]gotta r[Em7]ight to[Bm7-5] hang ar[E7]ound   
D[D6]own ar[F#m]ound the [B7]river.
A [Bm7-5]certain      [E7/9] gal in [Edim]this old [E7/9]town.     
Keeps[Bm7-5] draggin'[A7/6] my poor [Em7]heart a[A7/6]round.     
[Edim]All      [A7]I s   [D]ee   [A7]for    [D6]me    [Gm]is    [Edim] mis -     [Fdim] er -      [D]y.  

[D]I   [F#m]gotta [Bm]right to [Bm7-5]sing the [E7/9]blues,     
I [Bm7-5]gotta       [A7/6]right to [A(v)]moan and [Bb7]sigh, [Fdim]    
I [E7-9]gotta r[E7]ight t[Bm7-5]o sit and [E7]cry   
[D6]Down a[F#m]round the [Cdim]riv -      [B7]er.   
I [Bm7-5]know the [E7/9]deep      [Edim]blue      [E7/9]sea     
Will [Bm7-5]soon be [A7/6]call -     [Em7] in'    [A7/6] me     
It [Em7]must be [G+7]love, say[Bm7-5] what you c[A7/6]hoose,     
I've[Edim] gotta [A7]right[Cdim] to      [Gdim]sing      [Cdim] the bl[D]ues.

I gotta right to[Bm7-5] sing the blues,
I [Bm7-5]gotta right to [A(V)]feel low down;
I [E7-9]gotta right to[Bm7-5] hang around
Down around the river.
A [Bm7-5]certain gal in this old town.
Keeps[Bm7-5] draggin' my poor heart around.
All I see for me is mis - er - y.

I gotta right to [Bm7-5]sing the blues,
I [Bm7-5]gotta right to [A(V)]moan and sigh,
I [E7-9]gotta right t[Bm7-5]o sit and cry
Down around the riv - er.
I [Bm7-5]know the deep blue sea
Will [Bm7-5]soon be call - in' me
It must be love, say[Bm7-5] what you choose,
I've gotta right to sing the blues.


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  • Fdim
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  • D6
  • B7
  • Edim
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