It's Up to You

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[C]    [D]    [C]    [D]    
[C]Can I Come To Your [D]Party
I [G]Won't Get In Your [C]Way  
I'll Stand There In The [D]Corner
With [G]Not Too Much To [C]Say  
Except [G]What You Have [D]Heard By Now
At [C]Least A Million [D]Times

It's Up To [C]You  
[D]It's Up To [G]You  
[D]I've Done All I Can [C]Do  
[D]It's Up To [G]You  

[C]I've Been Your Ivory [D]Tower
It's [G]Hard To Read Your [C]Mind
The Letters And The [D]Flowers
They're [G]Just My Way To [C]Try  
They [G]Can't Express How [D]Much I Miss
And [C]Wait For Your [D]Reply


[C]Go Search Forever If You [D]Need The Time [C]    [D]    [C]    
I Know [C]Someday Your Gonna [D]See The Light
I [C]Know It's [D]Right--[C]----[D]-  

[G]    [D]    [C]    [D]    [G]    [D]    
Some[C]day You'll Know Your [D]Only Love
Has [C]Been Here All The [D]Time


[D]I've Done All I Can [C]Do  
[D]It's Up To [C]You--[D]-  
[C]    [D]It's Up To [C]You--[D]-   [C]    

Can I Come To Your Party
I Won't Get In Your Way
I'll Stand There In The Corner
With Not Too Much To Say
Except What You Have Heard By Now
At Least A Million Times

It's Up To You
It's Up To You
I've Done All I Can Do
It's Up To You

I've Been Your Ivory Tower
It's Hard To Read Your Mind
The Letters And The Flowers
They're Just My Way To Try
They Can't Express How Much I Miss
And Wait For Your Reply


Go Search Forever If You Need The Time
I Know Someday Your Gonna See The Light
I Know It's Right-------

Someday You'll Know Your Only Love
Has Been Here All The Time


I've Done All I Can Do
It's Up To You---
It's Up To You---


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