Its Magic

Song Author Jule Styne og Sammy Cahn Lyrics by: Jule Styne og Sammy Cahn Performer: Doris Day Submitted by: Anonymous
You s[A9]igh, the s[A]ong begins;
You [Am7]speak and I hear [Cdim]violins -[Bm7-5]- it's m[E7]agic. [Bm7-5]    [E7]    [Edim]    [E7]    
The s[E7]tars d[Bm7-5]esert the s[E7]kies   
And [E9]rush to [Bm7-5]nestle       [E7]in your eyes -- it's [Am7]magic. [A]    
Withou[E+]t a go[A6]lden wand[Bbm7-5] or [Edim]mystic ch[E9]arms, [Edim]    [E7]    [Bm7]    
[Bm7-5]Fantastic [F#m]things beg[B7]in whe[F#m7]n I am [B7]in    [Bm7-5]your ar      [E7]ms.   

W[A9]hen we walk ha[A]nd in hand,
The [Am7]world becomes a w[Cdim]onderland --[Bm7-5] it's m      [E7]agic. [Bm7-5]    [E7]    [Edim]    [E7]    
[E7]How else ca[Bm7-5]n I expl[E7]ain   
Those rai[E9]nbows [E7]when there i[Bm7-5]s no r      [E7]ain? It's[C#m7-5] mag - [F#7] ic.    
[C#m7-5]Why do        [F#7] I [Bm7-5]tell myself [Dm]    
These [Fdim]things that [Am7]happen are [F#m7]all really t[B7]rue,   
[A] When [A9]in my h[Fdim]eart I k[F#m]now    
[B7] The [Bm7-5]magic       [E7-9] is my l[E7]ove f[A]or y[F#m]ou. [Bm7]    [Bm7-5]    [E7]    [A]    [Am7]    

You sigh, the song begins;
You speak and I hear violins -[Bm7-5]- it's magic. [Bm7-5]
The stars d[Bm7-5]esert the skies
And rush to [Bm7-5]nestle in your eyes -- it's magic.
Without a golden wand[Bbm7-5] or mystic charms,
[Bm7-5]Fantastic things begin when I am in [Bm7-5]your arms.

When we walk hand in hand,
The world becomes a wonderland --[Bm7-5] it's magic. [Bm7-5]
How else ca[Bm7-5]n I explain
Those rainbows when there i[Bm7-5]s no rain? It's[C#m7-5] mag - ic.
[C#m7-5]Why do I [Bm7-5]tell myself
These things that happen are all really true,
When in my heart I know
The [Bm7-5]magic [E7-9] is my love for you. [Bm7-5]


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