Its All In The Game

Song Author Carl Sigman og Charles Dawes Lyrics by: Carl Sigman og Charles Dawes Performer: Tommy Edwards Submitted by: Anonymous

M[C]any a te[G]ar has to f[C]all,
But it's[Dm7] all [G] in the gam[C]e, [Fdim]    [C]    
[C]All in the [G]wonderful ga[C]me  
That we kn[F]ow   [G] as l[C]ove. [Fdim]    [C]    
You have w[C]ords with [Am]him,   
And your f[C]uture's [G7]looking d[C]im--
[Cdim]But these th[G]ings your heart can r[D]ise  [D7] abo[G]ve. [Gdim]    [G7]    

On[G]ce in a while he won't [C]call,
But it's [Dm7]all     [G] in the ga[C]me. [Fdim]    [C]    
[G]Soon he'll be t[G7]here at your s[C]ide  
With a sw[F]eet [G] bouq[C]uet,[Fdim]    [C]    
And he'll k[C]iss your l[Am]ips   
And c[Em]aress your [Am7]waiting fingert[D7]ips   
And your he[C]arts will fl[F]y [G] awa[C]y.  

Many a tear has to fall,
But it's all in the game,
All in the wonderful game
That we know as love.
You have words with him,
And your future's looking dim--
But these things your heart can rise above.

Once in a while he won't call,
But it's all in the game.
Soon he'll be there at your side
With a sweet bouquet,
And he'll kiss your lips
And caress your waiting fingertips
And your hearts will fly away.


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