It May Sound Silly

Song Author Ivory Joe Hunter Performer: The McGuire Sisters Submitted by: kjartansverrisson

[A]It   [A7]may    [Edim]sound s[D]illy[Em7] for [A7]me to s[D]ay this
[A7]After the w[D]ay   [D9]you   [Em7]    [A] br[G]oke [A]my   [Em7] he    [D]art, [F#7]    [B7]    
But[Cdim] I still [E7/9]love      [E7]you alth[A7]ough we[Edim] are ap[D6]art.   

[A]It   [A7]may    [Edim]sound s[D]illy [Em7] to [A7]say I m[D]iss you;
[A7]I must conf[D]ess  [D9]    [Em7] t    [A]hat t[G]his [A]    [Em7] is t    [D]rue. [F#7]    [B7]    
I [Cdim]want you[E7/9] on -      [E7]ly, ca[A7]use no one [Edim]else will [D-em7-a-g]do.           [G-a-em7-d]    [Edim]    [D7]    

The[Cdim] day we q[G]uarreled [A7]and you [Gm]left me,[Gm7]    
Be[Gdim]fore you w[D]alked out th[A7]rough the d[D]oor,
[D]I w  [F#7]anted to [B7]tell you [E7]how    [Bm7-5]much I would m[E7]iss you,
[Cdim]But my [G]pride [G/F#]wouldn't [Em7]let me [Em6]tell you [A7]so.   

[A]It   [A7]may    [Edim]sound s[D]illy,[Em7] but [A7]if you ph[D]one me
And [A7]ask    [Em7]for - g[D9]ive - n[Em7]ess f    [A]or   [G]do - [A]in'  [Em7] me w    [D]rong [F#7]    [B7]    
It[Cdim] may sound [E7/9]sil -      [E7]ly, but[Bm7-5] I'd be w[A7]aiting with[Edim] open ar[D]ms.  

It may sound silly for me to say this
After the way you broke my heart,
But I still love you although we are apart.

It may sound silly to say I miss you;
I must confess that this is true.
I want you on - ly, cause no one else will [D-Em7-A-G]do. [G-A-Em7-D]

The day we quarreled and you left me,
Before you walked out through the door,
I wanted to tell you how [Bm7-5]much I would miss you,
But my pride wouldn't let me tell you so.

It may sound silly, but if you phone me
And ask for - give - ness for do - in' me wrong
It may sound sil - ly, but[Bm7-5] I'd be waiting with open arms.


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