It Could Happen To You

Song Author Jimmy Van Heusen og Johnny Burke Lyrics by: Jimmy Van Heusen og Johnny Burke Performer: Jo Stafford Submitted by: Anonymous
H[D]ide your he[D6]art from [Gdim]sight,     
[Em7]Lock your [Edim]dreams at [Gdim]night --
[D]It could [G]happen to [B7]you.   
[G]Don't count s[Em7]tars or [A7]you might st[Dm7]umble,
[Bm7]Someone [B7]drops a sigh, and [Em7]down y[A7]ou    [Em7/9] tum -       [A7]ble.   

[D]Keep an e[D6]ye on s[Gdim]pring,     
[Em7]Run when c[Edim]hurch bells[Gdim] ring --
[D]It could [G]happen to [B7]you.   
[G]All  [G/F#] I d     [Em]id was [G/B]wonder h[D]ow your [F#m]arms would [B7]be,   
[G]And [Em]it h   [A7]appened[A7/6] to m     [D]e.  

Hide your heart from sight,
Lock your dreams at night --
It could happen to you.
Don't count stars or you might stumble,
Someone drops a sigh, and down you tum - ble.

Keep an eye on spring,
Run when church bells ring --
It could happen to you.
All I did was wonder how your arms would be,
And it happened to me.


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