Is It True What They Say About Dixie?

Song Author Gerald Marks , Irving Caesar og Sammy Lerner Performer: Al Jolson og The Mills Brothers Submitted by: jonagust
Is [Edim] it true w[F#7]hat     [Gdim]they say [G6]a - bou[G/B]t Dix    [Am7]ie?    
D[D7]oes the s[G]un   [Edim]real - ly s[F#7]hine    [Gdim] all the t[Am]ime?   [E7]    [Am]    
[E7]Do the sw[Am7]eet mag -[Gdim] no - lias [D7]blos - som at [B7]ev'rybody's [Em]door? [B+]    
[Em7]Do f    [A7]olks keep[Cdim] eat - ing p[A7]os - sum [Gdim]    
Till t[D]hey can't [Am7]eat no m[D7]ore?   
[Am7]Is     [D7]it t   [G]rue [Edim]what they [F#7]say     [Gdim] a - bout [G6]Swa - nee?[G/B]    [Am7]    
[D7]Is a dr[G]eam [D7]by that s[G7]tream[G/B] so sub - l[C]ime? [B7]    [Am7]    
[E7]Do they l[Am7]augh,    [Cm7] do they [Gdim]love, l[A7]ike they [G]say in [Cdim]ev' - ry s[E7]ong?   
[Bm7-5] If it's t[Am7]rue,     [Cm7-5]that's where[D9] I    [Am7]be - l[G]ong.

Is it true what they say a - bout Dixie?
Does the sun real - ly shine all the time?
Do the sweet mag - no - lias blos - som at ev'rybody's door?
Do folks keep eat - ing pos - sum
Till they can't eat no more?
Is it true what they say a - bout Swa - nee?
Is a dream by that stream so sub - lime?
Do they laugh, do they love, like they say in ev' - ry song?
[Bm7-5] If it's true, [Cm7-5]that's where I be - long.


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