Song Author Ballard MacDonald og James F. Hanley Performer: Louis Armstrong Submitted by: Anonymous
Ba[G]ck h[Am7]ome     [G/B] a - g[C]ain  [C/B]    [A7] in[Gdim] In - di - [D7]an -   [Am7] a     [D7]    
And it s[G7]eems that[Gdim] I      [Fdim]can s     [C]ee [Dm7]    [C]    
The g[C7]leaming ca[F]ndlelight [Fdim] sti[C]ll shin[Gdim]ing br     [A7]ight   

Through the [D7]syc -[Am7] a - m[D9]ores [Am7]for     [G7]me.   

[G]The [Am7]new     [G/B]mown     [C]hay  [C/B]    [A7] sends [Gdim]all its f[D7]ra - g[Am7]rance [D7]    

From the fi[E]elds I[Bm7-5] used       [E7]to r   [Am]oam [G#7]    
When I d[C]ream about the m[E7]oonlight[Bm7-5] on the [Am]wabash [Cdim]    

Then I [C]long [Am7]for my [G7]In - di -[Fdim] an - a h[C]ome.

Back home a - gain in In - di - an - a
And it seems that I can see
The gleaming candlelight still shining bright

Through the syc - a - mores for me.

The new mown hay sends all its fra - grance

From the fields I[Bm7-5] used to roam
When I dream about the moonlight[Bm7-5] on the wabash

Then I long for my In - di - an - a home.


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