In The Dark

[E7/9]In the d[A6]ark,   [E7/9] it's [A6]just [A]you and [A9]I;   
[A7/9]Not a so[D9]und, [D6] there's [Dm7]not one s[Dm6]igh,    
[A]Just the [C#m7-5]beat of        [Cdim(iv)] my          [Cdim]poor h     [E]eart in the d[A]ark. [F#m]    [F7]    [E7]    

[E7/9]In the d[A6]ark, in the [E7/9]dark, I g[A6]et s   [A]uch a t[A9]hrill
[A7/9]When he p[D9]resses his f[D6]ingertips [Dm(v)]upon       [Dm7]my     [Dm6]lips,    
[A]And he [C#m7-5]begs me to [Cdim(iv)]please          [Cdim]keep st[E]ill in the d[A]ark. [D9]    [A]    [A7]    

But [D9]soon,[D9]    [Alt] this [Dm]dance will be[Dm7] endin' [A]    
And y[F]ou'r[Bb9]e gon    [A]na be misse[A7]d   
[D9]Gee, [D9]    [Alt]    [Dm]I'm not pre[Dm7]tendin'
'Cause I [A]swear it's[F#m] fun, [F]fun t[Bb9]o be     [E7]kissed.

[E7/9]In the d[A6]ark, [E7/9]    [A6]now    [A]we will f[A9]ind   
[A7/9]What the r[D9]est    [D6] have [Dm7]left beh[Dm6]ind;    
[A]Just [Am7]let them d[F#7]ance -- we're gonna [D9]find [F]ro-m[E7]ance,
[E]In the d[A]ark [F#m]. . . [F]in   [E7]the d[A]ark.

In the dark, it's just you and I;
Not a sound, there's not one sigh,
Just the [C#m7-5]beat of [Cdim(IV)] my poor heart in the dark.

In the dark, in the dark, I get such a thrill
When he presses his fingertips [Dm(V)]upon my lips,
And he [C#m7-5]begs me to [Cdim(IV)]please keep still in the dark.

But soon, this dance will be endin'
And you're gonna be missed
Gee, I'm not pretendin'
'Cause I swear it's fun, fun to be kissed.

In the dark, now we will find
What the rest have left behind;
Just let them dance -- we're gonna find ro-mance,
In the dark . . . in the dark.


  • E7/9
  • A6
  • A
  • A9
  • A7/9
  • D9
  • D6
  • Dm7
  • Dm6
  • Cdim
  • E
  • F#m
  • F7
  • E7
  • A7
  • Alt: not exist
  • Dm
  • F
  • Bb9
  • Am7
  • F#7

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