In The Arms of Love

Song Author Jay Livingston , Ray Evans og Henry Mancini Performer: Andy Williams Submitted by: jonagust

[E7]If    [Edim] I      [Bm7-5]could h      [A]old you [G7]in the [F#7]arms of l[Bm9]ove to - nig[B7]ht,   
Then [E7]I'd   [Edim] nev - er[E7/9] let y     [E7]ou g   [A]o;  
E A9 A AM7 F#m Cdim A AM7
As the hours go by, I'd show you why
[F#m]We've [Bm7]wait - [D9]ed    [Bm7-5] for t      [E7]his,   
[Bm7]As two[Bm7/E] lov - ers [E7+5]whis -     [Cdim] per l     [A]ow.  

[E7]If    [Edim] I c     [Bm7-5]ould fe      [A]el that [G7]mag - ic [F#7]kiss your l[Bm9]ips in - v[B7]ite,   
Im - [E7]ag -   [Edim] ine the [E7/9]joys I     [E7]'d k   [Em7]now!     [A7/9]    
The [D9]day has [D6/9]died a - [Dm+7]way,      [Dm6]    
Let's f[A]ind a [Am7]hide - a - [F#7]way    
And s[Bm7]hare the[Bm7/E] prom - ise[E7/9] of      [E7] a    [A(v)]new      [G#7]to -     [G7]mor - [F#7]row    
[D9]In the [Dm6]arms of [E7/7]love      [E7]to - ni[A]ght.

If I [Bm7-5]could hold you in the arms of love to - night,
Then I'd nev - er let you go;
E A9 A AM7 F#m Cdim A AM7
As the hours go by, I'd show you why
We've wait - ed [Bm7-5] for this,
As two lov - ers whis - per low.

If I c[Bm7-5]ould feel that mag - ic kiss your lips in - vite,
Im - ag - ine the joys I'd know!
The day has died a - way,
Let's find a hide - a - way
And share the prom - ise of a [A(V)]new to - mor - row
In the arms of love to - night.


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  • Bm7/E
  • E7aug5: not exist
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