I'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her

Song Author Frank Sinatra Submitted by: Anonymous
[Em7]    [A7]    [Edim]    [A]    [F#m]    [Bm]    
[Em7]I'll only [Edim]miss her [A7]when I t[D6]hink   [Fdim] of      [Bm]her   
[F#m]And I'll t[Em7]hink of[Edim] her      [Gdim] all the t[B]ime [B7]    
[Cdim]Likely I'll s[G]pend my [G/F#]days [Em7]    
[Edim]Hearing her [D]turn of a p[D5+]hrase    
T[A7]hings[G/B] I f    [A7]ound h[D]ard [F#m] to p[B7]raise,
Right n[E7]ow, would [E7/9-]seem subli[A7]me   
T[A]he t[Em7]ruth    [Cdim] is     
I[Em7]'ll only m[A7]iss her [Edim]when some s[A]tranger l[F#m]aughs [Bm]    
'C[G]ause it's [Edim]still her l[A7]augh   [Edim] my      [Gdim]heart h[Bm]ears [Bm7/E]    
[Edim]Maybe in t[G]ime, I g[G/F#]uess,     
The l[Em7]onging will [Edim]grow the sl[A7]ightest[Em7] bit    [A7] less[D]    
And [Gdim]there w[D]ill [A7]be mo[D]ments, [D5]yes, [G]when it[F#7] disap[Em7]pears;[B7]    
[B7/F#]I'll       [Cdim] bet      [B7]I f   [E7/9]orget     [E7] he   [Edim]r compl[D]ete  [F#m] ly [B7]    
[Cdim] In a     [Em7]bout a[Edim] hund     [A7]red y[D]ears

I'll only miss her when I think of her
And I'll think of her all the time
Likely I'll spend my days
Hearing her turn of a phrase
Things I found hard to praise,
Right now, would [E7/9-]seem sublime
The truth is
I'll only miss her when some stranger laughs
'Cause it's still her laugh my heart hears
Maybe in time, I guess,
The longing will grow the slightest bit less
And there will be moments, yes, when it disappears;
I'll bet I forget her complete ly
In about a hundred years


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