I'll Never Find Another You

Song Author Tom Springfield Performer: By Sonny James Submitted by: Anonymous

[C]There's a new [Em]world [F]somewhere they [D7]call the Promised [G7]Land   
And I'll [C]be there [Am]someday if [F]you will hold my [G7]hand   
I still [Am]need you there [F]beside me no [G7]matter [F]what I [G7]do   
For I [C]know I'll [Em]never [F]find [G7]another [C]you  

There is [Em]always [F]someone for [D7]each of us they [G7]say   
And you'll [C]be my [Am]someone [F]forever and a [G7]day   
I could [Am]search the whole world over [F]until my [G7]life is [F]through[G7]    
But I [C]know I'll [Em]never [F]find [G7]another [C]you  

It's a long long [Em]journey so [F]stay [G7]by my [C]side
If I walk through a [Em]storm you'll be my [F]guide
Be my [G7]guide

[C]If they gave [Em]me a [F]fortune my [D7]treasure would be [G7]small
[C]I could lose it all [Em]tomorrow and never [F]mind at [G7]all   
But if [Am]I should lose your [F]love dear I [G7]don't know [F]what I'd[G7] do   
[C]For I know I'll never [F]find [G7]another [C]you  

There's a new world somewhere they call the Promised Land
And I'll be there someday if you will hold my hand
I still need you there beside me no matter what I do
For I know I'll never find another you

There is always someone for each of us they say
And you'll be my someone forever and a day
I could search the whole world over until my life is through
But I know I'll never find another you

It's a long long journey so stay by my side
If I walk through a storm you'll be my guide
Be my guide

If they gave me a fortune my treasure would be small
I could lose it all tomorrow and never mind at all
But if I should lose your love dear I don't know what I'd do
For I know I'll never find another you


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