If You Are But a Dream

Song Author Moe Jaffe , Nat Bonx og Jack Fulton Lyrics by: Moe Jaffe , Nat Bonx og Jack Fulton Performer: Frank Sinatra Submitted by: Anonymous

[A]If   [Edim]you are [Fdim]but a dr[E]eam, I [D9]hope I n[A]ev - [A9]er    [Cdim] wa - k[A]en;  
[A]It's[C#m7-5] more than[F#7] I could b[D9]ear to [E7/9]find that [E7]I'm for -[Cdim] sa -      [A]ken.
If [Edim]you're a[Bm7-5] fan - ta - [E7]sy,   [Bm7-5] then       [Cdim] I'm con -[E7sus4] tent to [E]be  
[D9]In    [Bm7-5] love with [Cdim]love - ly [E7]you, [D9]and    [Cdim]pray my [Bm7-5]dream comes t[E7]rue.   

[E7]I    [Bm7-5]long to k[A]iss you[F#m], but I [D9]would not [Fdim]dare --
I'm [E7]so a - [Bm7-5]fraid that y[A]ou may [F#m]van - ish [D9]in the [Fdim]air.     
[E7]So    [Bm7-5] dar - l[E]ing, if o[A]ur ro - m[A7]ance should b[Gdim]reak      [D]up,  
I [C#7]hope I[C#7/G#] nev - er w[D6]ake    [B7]up,   
If [D9]you are[E7-9] but      [Fdim] a dr     [A]eam.

If you are but a dream, I hope I nev - er wa - ken;
It's[C#m7-5] more than I could bear to find that I'm for - sa - ken.
If you're a[Bm7-5] fan - ta - sy,[Bm7-5] then I'm con - tent to be
In [Bm7-5] love with love - ly you, and pray my [Bm7-5]dream comes true.

I [Bm7-5]long to kiss you, but I would not dare --
I'm so a - [Bm7-5]fraid that you may van - ish in the air.
So [Bm7-5] dar - ling, if our ro - mance should break up,
I hope I nev - er wake up,
If you are[E7-9] but a dream.


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