If Kisses Could Talk

Song Author Everett Corbin Performer: Vernon Oxford Submitted by: Anonymous

[C]If kisses could talk oh [C7]things they would [F]say  
[G7]They'd go telling on [C]you  
If kisses could talk [C7]they'd give you [F]away
And [G7]make you lonesome and [C]blue

They'd tell how you [F]cheated they'd tell how you [C]lied
They'd show how I [D7]suffered they'd show how I [G7]cried
If kisses could [C]talk that's [C7]just what they'd [F]do  
[G7]They'd go telling on [C]you  

If kisses could talk oh things they would say
They'd go telling on you
If kisses could talk they'd give you away
And make you lonesome and blue

They'd tell how you cheated they'd tell how you lied
They'd show how I suffered they'd show how I cried
If kisses could talk that's just what they'd do
They'd go telling on you


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