If I Love Again

Song Author Jack Murray og Ben Oakland Performer: Tony Bennett Submitted by: jonagust

[G]I   [Am7]of -     [G/B]ten     [Am7]won - d[G]er   [Am]why    [Am7]you c    [A]ame [A7]to    [A]me,  
[A9]Brought s[Am]uch    [A9]a f   [D7]lame   [Am7] to     [D7]me, t[D6]hen    [D7]let    [D6]it d   [G]ie.  
A[G]nd  [Am7] if     [G/B]an -     [Am7]oth - [G]er l[Am]ove sh[Am7]ould f[A]ind [A7]my he[A]art,
[A9]It w   [Am7]ill     [A9]re - m[D7]ind    [Am7]my h    [D7]eart [D6]of y   [D7]our g[D6]ood-   [G]bye.
[Em]With ev'ry [B7]new love you'll come [Cdim]back to [B7]me;   
[G]In   [G/F#]other e[E7]yes, it's[A7sus4] you        [A7/9]I'll      [D9]see.   

[G]If  [Am7] I l    [G]ove  [Am7] a - ga[G]in,  [C] th[G]ough it's [Cdim]someone [D9]new,   
[B7]If I [Fdim(iii)] love ag[Am7]ain,    [Cdim]    [Am7]it will s[D7/9]till be y[G]ou.  
[Em]In s   [B7]omeone e[Em]lse's [Gdim]fond emb[Em]race,[B+]    [Em7]    [Em6]    
[D]I'll [Am7]close my [D9]eyes and[Gdim] see your f[D9]ace.   [Am7]    [G]    [D7/9]    

[G]If  [Am7] I l    [G]ove  [Am7] a - ga[G]in,  [C] I[G]'ll find o[Cdim]ther cha[D9]rms,   
[B7]But I'll [Fdim(iii)] make bel          [Am7]ieve    [Cdim]    [Am7]you are[D7/9] in my a[G]rms.
And th[Em]ough my [B7]lips [Em]whispe[Gdim]r I love [Em]you, [B+]    [Em7]    [Em6]    
My h[G]eart [Am7]will n[G]ot   [Am7]be tr    [G]ue,  [C] I[G]'ll be [Cdim]loving y[D9]ou   
[G]Ev' -[G/F#] ry t     [E7]ime   [G/B] I     [Am7]love     [Cdim] a - g[G]ain.

I of - ten won - der why you came to me,
Brought such a flame to me, then let it die.
And if an - oth - er love should find my heart,
It will re - mind my heart of your good-bye.
With ev'ry new love you'll come back to me;
In other eyes, it's you I'll see.

If I love a - gain, though it's someone new,
If I [Fdim(III)] love again, it will still be you.
In someone else's fond embrace,
I'll close my eyes and see your face.

If I love a - gain, I'll find other charms,
But I'll [Fdim(III)] make believe you are in my arms.
And though my lips whisper I love you,
My heart will not be true, I'll be loving you
Ev' - ry time I love a - gain.


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