I Pay With Every Breath

Song Author Marty Robbins Performer: Marty Robbins Submitted by: Anonymous

[C]Here am [G7]I so sad and [C]lonely
Who was [G7]I to seal my [C]fate
She [C7]trusted me and I [F]deceived her
Now I [C]pay with [G7]every breath I [C]take

[C7]I played [F]around with fate [G7]and I'm [C]sorry
I'm [G7]sorry but what good does it [C]do  
[C7]I broke her [F]heart into I [G7]brought her [C]sorrow
But I [D7]never thought she'd find somebody [G7]new   

[C]But now I [G7]know how much I [C]miss her
Now I [G7]care but it's too [C]late
She's [C7]gone and now that tears [F]are falling
And I [C]pay with [G7]every breath I [C]take

Here am I so sad and lonely
Who was I to seal my fate
She trusted me and I deceived her
Now I pay with every breath I take

I played around with fate and I'm sorry
I'm sorry but what good does it do
I broke her heart into I brought her sorrow
But I never thought she'd find somebody new

But now I know how much I miss her
Now I care but it's too late
She's gone and now that tears are falling
And I pay with every breath I take


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