I May Never Get to Heaven

Song Author Buddy Killen og Bill Anderson Performer: Wanda Jackson Submitted by: Anonymous

[C]I walked with you and [G7]talked with you
And he[F]ld your [G7]loving [C]hand
We [F]loved awhile I [C]lived a[Am]while
And th[D7]ought that fate had a[G7] plan

Then [C]someone [G7]stole my [C]angel
And I [F]lost what [G7]I loved [C]most
[C7]I may [F]never [G7]get to[C] heav[Am]en   
But I [Dm]once came[G7] mighty [C]close

[F]I may [G7]never play a golden[C] harp
Or s[F]pread [G7]celestial [C]wings
[C7]Or w   [F]alk a [G7]golden s[C]tair[Am]case   
While the [D7]distant chorus [G7]sings

Oh [C]but I once [G7]held your sweet [C]love
[C7]And f[F]elt your [G7]tender [C]touch
[C7]I may [F]never [G7]get to[C] hea[Am]ven   
But I [Dm]didn't [G7]miss it [C]much
[C7]I may [F]never [G7]get to [C]heav[Am]en   
But I d[Dm]idn't [G7]miss it [C]much

I walked with you and talked with you
And held your loving hand
We loved awhile I lived awhile
And thought that fate had a plan

Then someone stole my angel
And I lost what I loved most
I may never get to heaven
But I once came mighty close

I may never play a golden harp
Or spread celestial wings
Or walk a golden staircase
While the distant chorus sings

Oh but I once held your sweet love
And felt your tender touch
I may never get to heaven
But I didn't miss it much
I may never get to heaven
But I didn't miss it much


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