I May Be Wrong

Song Author Harry Ruskin og Henry Sullivan Lyrics by: Harry Ruskin og Henry Sullivan Performer: The Mills Brothers Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]I m  [G]ay  [Em7] be wr[D]ong, [D7]but    [G]I t  [G/F#]hink you're [Gm7]won - der -[Gdim] ful.     
[D]I   [F#7]may be w[B7]rong, but [G] I t[Edim]hink y     [A7]ou're sw[D]ell.

[D]I l  [G]ike y[Em7]our st[D]yle, [D7]say,   [G] I t[G/F#]hink it's [Gm7]mar - vel -[Gdim] ous.     
[D]I'm [F#7]always w[B7]rong, so [G] how[Edim] can      [A7] I te[D]ll?  

'Cause [Em7]all of my sh[A7]irts are unsi[D]ghtly, [B7]    
[Em7]All of my t[A7]ies are a c[C#7]rime.    
[F#m]If, Dear, in[Cdim] you I picked r[F#m]ightly,
[Bm7]It's the very first t[E7]ime.   

[D]You [G]came [Em7]a - lo[D]ng, s[D7]ay,    [G] I [G/F#]think you're [Gm7]won - der -[Gdim] ful.     
[D]I t  [F#7]hink you're gr[B7]and, but [G] I [Edim]may      [A7]be w   [D]rong.

I may be wrong, but I think you're won - der - ful.
I may be wrong, but I think you're swell.

I like your style, say, I think it's mar - vel - ous.
I'm always wrong, so how can I tell?

'Cause all of my shirts are unsightly,
All of my ties are a crime.
If, Dear, in you I picked rightly,
It's the very first time.

You came a - long, say, I think you're won - der - ful.
I think you're grand, but I may be wrong.


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