I´m Sorry

Song Author Ronnie Self og Dub Albritten Performer: Brenda Lee Submitted by: jonagust

[C]I'm sorry, [B7]so sorry,
[C]Tha  [Gdim]t I was [A7]such a fool;
[Dm7]I didn't kn[G7]ow    [Dm7]love could [G7]be so cr[C]uel. [Gdim]    [Dm7]    [G7+5]    

[C]You tell me [B7] mistakes
[C]Are [Gdim]part of b[A7]ein' young --
[Dm7]That don't [G7]right [Dm7] the w[G7]rong that's been [C]done.[Gdim]    [Dm7]    [G7+5]    

[C]I'm sorry, [B7] so sorry,
[C]Please [Gdim]accept my a[A7]pology;
[Dm7]But love is [G7]blind, and[Dm7] I was too [G7]blind to s[C]ee. [Gdim]    [Dm7]    [C]    

I'm sorry, so sorry,
That I was such a fool;
I didn't know love could be so cruel.

You tell me mistakes
Are part of bein' young --
That don't right the wrong that's been done.

I'm sorry, so sorry,
Please accept my apology;
But love is blind, and I was too blind to see.


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