I Love Being Here With You

Song Author Peggy Lee og William Schluger Lyrics by: Peggy Lee og William Schluger Performer: Peggy Lee Submitted by: Anonymous
I l[G]ove the [D]East, I l[C]ove the W[G]est,
N[C]orth and So[G]uth, they're b[B7]oth the b[E7]est;   
But I [C]only want [Cm]go there [G]as   [B7]a g   [E7]uest,
'Cause I l[C]ove being [Cdim]here with y[G]ou. [D9]    

I l[G]ove the s[D]ea, I l[C]ove the sh[G]ore,
I l[C]ove the r[G]ocks, and w[B7]hat is [E7]more,
[C]You and t[Cm]hey will n[G]ev - [B7]er b   [E7]ore,   
'Cause I lo[C]ve being [Cdim] here      [D7]with [G]you.

[E7]Singing in the s[F7]how - [E7]er, l[F7]aughing[Fdim] by the h[E7]our--
[E7]Life is[Bm7-5] such a [Fdim]breezy g[E7]ame.   
I love [A7]all kinds of [Gdim]weath - [A7]er as long as [Fdim]we're tog[A7]ether,
Oh, I l[D7]ove to hear you [Am7]say     [Cm7-5] my na[D7]me.   

I lo[G]ve good w[D]ine, f[Am7]ine cui[G/B]sine,    
C[C]andle l[G]ight -- I l[B7]ove the s[E7]cene,
'Cause, B[C]aby, if you [Cm]know just w[G]hat [B7]I m   [E7]ean,   
I l[C]ove [Am7]being [Cdim]here w     [D7]ith y[G]ou.  

I love the East, I love the West,
North and South, they're both the best;
But I only want go there as a guest,
'Cause I love being here with you.

I love the sea, I love the shore,
I love the rocks, and what is more,
You and they will nev - er bore,
'Cause I love being here with you.

Singing in the show - er, laughing by the hour--
Life is[Bm7-5] such a breezy game.
I love all kinds of weath - er as long as we're together,
Oh, I love to hear you say [Cm7-5] my name.

I love good wine, fine cuisine,
Candle light -- I love the scene,
'Cause, Baby, if you know just what I mean,
I love being here with you.


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