I´ll Take Care Of Your Cares

Song Author James Monaco og Mort Dixon Lyrics by: James Monaco og Mort Dixon Performer: Frankie Laine Submitted by: Anonymous
[D9]I'll take [Edim]care      [Fdim] of your c[D6]ares for you, [B7]    
And I[E7]'ll be [Cdim]there with you w[E7]hen    [Bm7-5]you're b[E7]lue;   
[G]Let me [G/F#]be your [G/E]one     [G/B]ray of[A7sus4] sun - sh[A7]ine,   
And [F#m]maybe you'll re[Bm7]member s[G]ome - w[Em7]here, [G/B]some - ti[A7]me.   

[D9]I won't [Edim]scold     [Fdim] you for y[D6]our mistakes, [B7]    
And [E7]I'll just [Cdim]hold you when y[E7]our    [Bm7-5]heart ac[E7]hes;   
So [G]keep me [G/F#]in your t[Gdim]houghts, your d[D]reams, [F#7]and your [B7]prayers,
And [G]I'll take c[A7]are   [Edim] of your ca[D]res.

I'll take care of your cares for you,
And I'll be there with you when [Bm7-5]you're blue;
Let me be your one ray of sun - shine,
And maybe you'll remember some - where, some - time.

I won't scold you for your mistakes,
And I'll just hold you when your [Bm7-5]heart aches;
So keep me in your thoughts, your dreams, and your prayers,
And I'll take care of your cares.


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  • G/B
  • A7sus4
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  • Bm7
  • Em7
  • Gdim
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  • F#7

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