I´ll String Along With You

Song Author Al Dubin og Harry Warren Performer: Dick Powell og Ginger Rogers Submitted by: kjartansverrisson

[A]You may not [E7]be    [D9]an    [A]angel, [D9]    [E7]    
'[A]Cause angels [E7]are    [D9]so    [C#7]few; [F#7]    
[E7]But    [Bm7-5]un - til the [E7]day    [Cdim]that      [E7]one    [Bm7-5]comes al[E7]ong,   
[D9]I'll [Bm7-5]string al[E7]ong   [Bm7-5] with y      [A]ou.  

[A]I'm looking [E7]for    [D9]an a   [A]ngel [D9]    [E7]    
[A]To sing my lo[E7]ve s   [D9]ong    [C#7]to;     [F#7]    
[E7]And    [Bm7-5]until the [E7]day    [Cdim]that o     [E7]ne    [Bm7-5]comes al[E7]ong,   
[D9]I'll [Bm7-5]sing my s[E7]ong   [Bm7-5] to y      [A]ou.  

For e[D]v' - ry little f[Dm7]ault that y[A]ou have
[Am7]Say I[D9]'ve got t[Bm7-5]hree or f[A]our  
[A]The human little [A7]faults you [D]do have
[Dm]Just m[A]ake me l[B7]ove you m[E7]ore   

Y[A]ou may not [E7]be    [D9]an    [A]angel, [D9]    [E7]    
[A]But still I'm s[E7]ure y[D9]ou'll [C#7]do;     [F#7]    
[E7]So u   [Bm7-5]ntil the d[E7]ay    [Cdim]that o     [E7]ne    [Bm7-5]comes al[E7]ong,   
[D9]I'll [Bm7-5]string al[E7]ong    [Bm7-5]with y      [A]ou.  

You may not be an angel,
'Cause angels are so few;
But [Bm7-5]un - til the day that one [Bm7-5]comes along,
I'll [Bm7-5]string along[Bm7-5] with you.

I'm looking for an angel
To sing my love song to;
And [Bm7-5]until the day that one [Bm7-5]comes along,
I'll [Bm7-5]sing my song[Bm7-5] to you.

For ev' - ry little fault that you have
Say I've got t[Bm7-5]hree or four
The human little faults you do have
Just make me love you more

You may not be an angel,
But still I'm sure you'll do;
So u[Bm7-5]ntil the day that one [Bm7-5]comes along,
I'll [Bm7-5]string along [Bm7-5]with you.


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