I´ll Remember April

Song Author Don Raye , Gene DePaul og Pat Johnson Performer: Julie London Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]This lovely [D6]day will lengthen [Dm7]into e[D6]v'ning,
[Dm7]We'll sigh good-[Dm6]bye to all we've [Dm7]ever had. [Dm6]    
A[Gm]lone, where [A7]we have walked to[C9]gether, [B9]    
[B7]I'll re[Em7]member April[A7-9] and be g[Dm7]lad. [D6]    

I'll [Gm7]be content[C7] you loved me [Fm7]once in [Dm7]April;
Your [Gm7]lips were warm [C7] and love and s[Fm7]pring were new; [Dm7]    
But I'm not af[Em7]raid of [A7]Autumn and her s[Dm7]orrow, [D6]    
For I'll r[C#m7-5]emember        [F#7] April and y[B7]ou.   [Em7]    [A7]    

The f[D]ire will dw[D6]indle in the g[Dm7]lowing a[D6]shes,
[Dm7]For flames and l[Dm6]ove live such a l[Dm7]ittle while[Dm6];    
[Gm]I won't forg[A7]et, but I w[C9]on't be l[B9]onely --
[B7]I'll re[Em7]member April[A7-9], and I'll [Dm7]smile.[D6]    

This lovely day will lengthen into ev'ning,
We'll sigh good-bye to all we've ever had.
Alone, where we have walked together,
I'll remember April[A7-9] and be glad.

I'll be content you loved me once in April;
Your lips were warm and love and spring were new;
But I'm not afraid of Autumn and her sorrow,
For I'll r[C#m7-5]emember April and you.

The fire will dwindle in the glowing ashes,
For flames and love live such a little while;
I won't forget, but I won't be lonely --
I'll remember April[A7-9], and I'll smile.


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