I´ll Never Stop Loving You

Song Author Nicholas Brodzsky og Sammy Cahn Lyrics by: Nicholas Brodzsky og Sammy Cahn Performer: Doris Day Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]I'll [G/F#]never s[C]top loving [C/B]you,     [Am7]    
What[D7]ever [Am7]else I may d[G]o;  
My l[G+7]ove for [G7]you   
Will l[C]ive [C/B] 'till t[Am7]ime it[Am7/G]self is thro[D7]ugh   

[G]I'll never s[C]top wanting [Am7]you,     [D7]    
And [Am7]when for[B7]ever is through,
My h[E]eart will [G#m]beat    
The [A]way it d[F#m]oes each [B7]time we m[E]eet.

The n[G7]ight doesn't q[Dm7]uestion the st[C]ars  
That app[G7]ear in the sk[Dm7]ies,    
So w[C]hy should I [Fdim]question the s[Am7]tars    
That app[F]ear [Am7]in my ey[D7]es?   

[G]Of   [G/F#]this I'm m[C]ore than just [D7]sure -[G]-  
My l[B7]ove    [Cdim]will l     [C]ast and en[Am7]dure    
I'll n[C]ever,[C/B] no, I'll [Am7]never    [Am7/G] stop       [Cm]loving [G]you  [Em7].     [C]    [Cm7]    [G6]    

I'll never stop loving you,
Whatever else I may do;
My love for you
Will live 'till time itself is through

I'll never stop wanting you,
And when forever is through,
My heart will beat
The way it does each time we meet.

The night doesn't question the stars
That appear in the skies,
So why should I question the stars
That appear in my eyes?

Of this I'm more than just sure --
My love will last and endure
I'll never, no, I'll never stop loving you.


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