I Guess I´ll Have to Dream the Rest

Song Author Martin Block , Bud Green og Mickey Stoner Performer: Glenn Miller Submitted by: jonagust

I g[Dm7]uess I'll have to dr[G7]eam the r[C]est, [Am]    
If [C9]you can't re[Cdim]member the t[Dm7]hings that you s[G7]aid,   
The n[C9]ights that my [Cdim]shoulder [Dm7]held your sleepy [G7]head;
If [Cm7]you believe that [Gdim]parting's b[F]est, [Fm7]    
I g[Dm7]uess I'll have to[Fdim(iii)] dream the re[G]st.  

I [Dm7]guess I'll have to d[G7]ream alo[C]ne [Am]    
Of [C9]honeymoon c[Cdim]ruises once [Dm7]dear to my he[G7]art,   
Of o[C9]ne room a[Cdim]partments w[Dm7]here we said we'd s[G7]tart,
Of [Cm7]foolish things we [Gdim]planned to o[F]wn,  
I [Dm7]guess I'll have to d[G7]ream al[C]one.


[Dm7]I     [G7]can    [Am]see    [Am7] that y[Dm7]our heart has g[G7]one ast[C]ray; [C7]    
[Dm7]As f    [G7]or    [Am]me,    [Am7] I'll l[F]ove you the [Dm7]same old [G7]way.   

I [Dm7]guess I'll have to d[G7]ream the r[C]est;[Am]    
There'll [C9]be no friends [Cdim]waiting to t[Dm7]hrow shoes and ri[G]ce;  
[C9]Those heavenly[Cdim] moments will [Dm7]never come tw[G7]ice;   
I'm [Cm7]thankful for the [Gdim]hours you've b[A7]less'd --
I [Dm7]guess I'll have to [G7]dream the r[C]est.

I guess I'll have to dream the rest,
If you can't remember the things that you said,
The nights that my shoulder held your sleepy head;
If you believe that parting's best,
I guess I'll have to[Fdim(III)] dream the rest.

I guess I'll have to dream alone
Of honeymoon cruises once dear to my heart,
Of one room apartments where we said we'd start,
Of foolish things we planned to own,
I guess I'll have to dream alone.


I can see that your heart has gone astray;
As for me, I'll love you the same old way.

I guess I'll have to dream the rest;
There'll be no friends waiting to throw shoes and rice;
Those heavenly moments will never come twice;
I'm thankful for the hours you've bless'd --
I guess I'll have to dream the rest.


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