I Got It Bad (And That Aint Good)

Song Author Duke Ellington og Paul Francis Webster Performer: Ella Fitzgerald Submitted by: jonagust

The p[D]oets s[G7]ay that [D]all who l[G7]ove are b[D]lind,[Dm7]    [B7]    
But [Em]I'm in l[B+]ove, and I [Em7]know what [A7]time it [D]is. [Cdim]    [A7]    
The g[D]ood book s[G7]ays, "Go s[D]eek and [G7]ye shall f[D]ind."[Dm7]    [B7]    
Well, [Em]I have s[B+]ought, and [Em7]my, what a [A7]climb it is. [C7]    [B7]    [Em7]    [A7]    
My l[Am7]ife is like the w[D7]eather, it c[Gm7]hanges with the h[Am]ours;
[F#]When he's [F#7]near, I'm f[Am7]air and w[B7]armer --
[E7]When he's gone, I'm c[Bb7]loudy with s[A7]howers.
[D]In em[G7]otion, l[D]ike the [G7]ocean, it's [D]either s[G7]ink or [D]swim, [G7]    
When a w[A7]oman loves a [Em]man    [F#7] like[Bm7-5] I       [E7/6]love h     [Em7]im. [A7]    

[Edim]Nev -      [D]er tr[G]eats [D]me s[F#7]weet and [Bm7]gentle [E7] the[Bm7-5] way he sh[E9]ould -- [E]    [E7]    [Em7]    
I g[A7]ot    [Em7]it b    [G]ad   [B9]and t[E7]hat a[A7]in't g[D]ood. [Bm7]    [Em7]    [A7-9]    
[Edim]My po     [D]or he[G]art i[D]s se[F#7]n - ti - [Bm7]men - tal,[E7] not[Bm7-5] made of w[E9]ood; [E]    [E7]    [Em7]    
I g[A7]ot    [Em7]it b    [G]ad   [B9]and t[E7]hat a[A7]in't g[D]ood.[Gm7]    [Fdim]    [D7]    
But w[G]hen the [G/F#]weekend's [Em]over [Em7] and M[Gm]onday [Gdim]rolls ar[Edim]ound,     
I e[D]nd up l[Dm7]ike I s[F#m]tart o[B7]ut,    [Cdim]just c     [Em]ry - in'[B+] my h[Fdim]eart o     [A7]ut.   

[Edim]He do     [D]n't l[G]ove [D]me l[F#7]ike I l[Bm7]ove him; [E7] no [Bm7-5]- bod - y co[E9]uld -[E]- [E7]    [Em7]    
I've g[A7]ot    [Em7]it b    [G]ad   [B9]and t[E7]hat a[A7]in't g[D]ood. [Dm7]    [E9]    

[G] I g[A7]ot    [Em7]it b    [G]ad   [B9]and t[E7]hat a[A7]in't g[D]ood.[F#m]    [Bm7]    [Gm7]    [D]    

The poets say that all who love are blind,
But I'm in love, and I know what time it is.
The good book says, "Go seek and ye shall find."
Well, I have sought, and my, what a climb it is.
My life is like the weather, it changes with the hours;
When he's near, I'm fair and warmer --
When he's gone, I'm cloudy with showers.
In emotion, like the ocean, it's either sink or swim,
When a woman loves a man like[Bm7-5] I love him.

Nev - er treats me sweet and gentle the[Bm7-5] way he should --
I got it bad and that ain't good. [A7-9]
My poor heart is sen - ti - men - tal, not[Bm7-5] made of wood;
I got it bad and that ain't good.
But when the weekend's over and Monday rolls around,
I end up like I start out, just cry - in' my heart out.

He don't love me like I love him; no [Bm7-5]- bod - y could --
I've got it bad and that ain't good.

I got it bad and that ain't good.


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