I Couldn´t Sleep a Wink Last Night

Song Author Harold Adamson og Jimmy McHugh Performer: Frank Sinatra Submitted by: jonagust

[G7] I co[C9]uldn't s[C]leep a [Am]wink last [Bm7-5]night [E7]    
[E7-5]Be - c     [A]ause we had that [G/B]sil - [A7]ly fi[Am7]ght. [D7]    
[D7-5]I t     [G7sus4]hought my heart would b[Em]reak,
[Fdim]The wh     [Em7]ole night t[Am7]hrough,
I [D7sus4] knew that you'd be s[D7]orry,
And [G7]I'm sorry too.
[G7-5] I di     [C9]dn't h[C]ave my f[Am]av'rite [Bm7-5]dream, [E7]    
[E7-5] The o     [A]ne in which I [G/B]hold y[A7]ou t   [Am7]ight,    [D7]    
[D7-5] I      [G7sus4] had to call you [Em]up    [Fdim]this m     [Em7]orning,[Am7]    
To see if [Cdim]ev'rything was s[F]till all [E7+5]right. [E7]    
[A7-9]Yes, I [Dm7]had to call you [Em]up    [Fdim]this m     [Em7]orning, [Am7]    
'[Gdim]Cause I [D7]couldn't sleep a [Fm7]wink     [G6-9]last n     [C6/9]ight.     

I couldn't sleep a wink last [Bm7-5]night
[E7-5]Be - cause we had that sil - ly fight.
[D7-5]I thought my heart would break,
The whole night through,
I knew that you'd be sorry,
And I'm sorry too.
[G7-5] I didn't have my fav'rite [Bm7-5]dream,
[E7-5] The one in which I hold you tight,
[D7-5] I had to call you up this morning,
To see if ev'rything was still all right.
[A7-9]Yes, I had to call you up this morning,
'Cause I couldn't sleep a wink [G6-9]last night.


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