I Concentrate On You

Song Author Frank Sinatra Submitted by: Anonymous
[G7]    [F#7]    [Bm5-/7]    [B7]    [B7/F#]    [Em]    [A]    [Em]    [B7/9-]    
[Em]Whenever s[B]kies look[A6/9] gray to[B7] me,   
And [Em]trouble beg[B]ins to [Em6]brew, [F#m]    
[B7] Whenever the [Em6]win - ter w[B7]inds bec[Am]ome    [Am7]too s    [F#7]trong,
[G7]I    [F#7] con    [Bm5-/7]centrate [B7] on [B7/F#] you.       [Em]    [A]    [Em]    [A]    
[Em]When fortune c[B]ries "Nay,[A6/9] nay" to me, [B7]    
And p[Em]eople dec[B]lare "You're th[Em6]rough," [F#m]    
[B7] Whenever the [Em6]blues bec[B7]ome my [Am]on - [Am7]ly s    [F#7]ongs,    
[G7]I    [F#7]conce    [Bm5-/7]ntrate o[B7]n [B7/F#]you.       [Em]    [A]    [Em]    

On your s[A]mile, so s[Am7]weet, so t[Em]ender
When at f[B7]irst   [F#m] my k    [B7]iss    [Em6]you do dec[Em]line   
On the l[A]ight in your [Am7]eyes when you surr[Em]ender
And once a[F#7]gain     [Em6]our     [F#7]arms     [Em6]intert[B7]wine   
And [Em]so when [B]wise me[A6/9]n say to me [B7]    
That [Em]love's young[B] dream nev[Em6]er com[A6/9]es tru     [F#m]e, [B7]    
[Em] To p[B]rove that[Em6] even the [B7]wise men[Am] ca   [Am7]n be     [F#7]wrong,
[G7]I    [F#7]conce    [Bm5-/7]ntrate o[B7]n [B7/F#]you.       [Em]    [Am7]    [Em]    

[Bm5-/7] [B7/9-]
Whenever skies look gray to me,
And trouble begins to brew,
Whenever the win - ter winds become too strong,
I con[Bm5-/7]centrate on you.
When fortune cries "Nay, nay" to me,
And people declare "You're through,"
Whenever the blues become my on - ly songs,
I conce[Bm5-/7]ntrate on you.

On your smile, so sweet, so tender
When at first my kiss you do decline
On the light in your eyes when you surrender
And once again our arms intertwine
And so when wise men say to me
That love's young dream never comes true,
To prove that even the wise men can be wrong,
I conce[Bm5-/7]ntrate on you.


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