Here In My Heart

Song Author Bill Borrelli , Joe Csida , Lou Levinson og Pat Genaro Performer: Al Martino Submitted by: jonagust

[Intro;]    [C#m7]    [Cdim]    [D9]    [E7-9]    
H[A]ere in my h[F#m]eart I'm al[C#7]one, I'm so l[D]onely;
H[E]ere [D9]in my he[E]art  [Cdim] I just y[E7]earn f[D9]or you [Am7]only. [C#m7-5]    
H[F#7]ere in my arms [C#m7-5]    [F#7] I long to h[Bm]old you,

H[G#7]old you so near, [Cdim] ever c[G#7]lose to my h[C#m]eart,    [Cdim] so      [Bm7-5] dar - l[E7]ing   

S[A]ay that you [F#m]care, take this h[C#7]eart I give gl[D]adly;
[E]Sure[D9]ly you k[E]now  [Cdim] I need y[E7]our lo[D9]ve so b[Am7]adly. [C#m7-5]    
[Dm]Here is my h[Dm+7]eart,      [Dm7] my [Fdim(iii)] life, and my a[A]ll,  [C#m7-5] d       [F#7]ear --
P[Bm]lease [F#7]be m    [Bm7]ine     [E7] and s[D9]tay h[E7]ere   [Cim] in     [E7]my he[A]art.

[Intro;] [E7-9]
Here in my heart I'm alone, I'm so lonely;
Here in my heart I just yearn for you only. [C#m7-5]
Here in my arms [C#m7-5] I long to hold you,

Hold you so near, ever close to my heart, so [Bm7-5] dar - ling

Say that you care, take this heart I give gladly;
Surely you know I need your love so badly. [C#m7-5]
Here is my heart, my [Fdim(III)] life, and my all,[C#m7-5] dear --
Please be mine and stay here in my heart.


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  • Cdim
  • D9
  • A
  • F#m
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  • E7
  • Am7
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