Hello, Young Lovers

Hel[D9]lo, young l[Em7]overs, who[F#m7]ever you [Em7]are,    
I h[Dm7]ope that your [Cdim]troubles are [Em7]few; [A7]    
[Em7-5]All my good wi[A7]shes go w[Fm7]ith you toni[A7]ght --
[Em7]I've been in [A7sus]love li      [A7]ke y   [D]ou. [Em7]    [-]    [A7]    

Be br[D9]ave, young lo[Em7]vers, and f[F#m7]ollow your s[Em7]tar;    
Be b[Dm7]rave and f[Cdim]aithful and t[Em7]rue. [A7]    
[Em7-5]Cling very cl[A7]ose to each o[Fm7]ther ton[A7]ight --
[Em7]I've been in[A7sus] love l      [A7]ike y[D]ou. [D7]    

I kn[G]ow how it [Am7]feels to have [Bm7]wings on your h[Am7]eels    
And to [G]fly down the s[Am7]treet in a t[G]rance; [G6]    
Yo[C#m7-5]u fly down the st[F#7]reet on a [Bm7-5]chance that you'll [E7]meet,
And you m[Em7]eet not [Bm7-5]really by c[Em7]hance. [A7]    

Don't c[D9]ry, young l[Em7]overs, wha[F#m7]tever you [Em7]do,    
Don't [Dm7]cry b    [Cdim]ecause I'm al[Em7]one; [A7]    
[Em7-5]All of my [A7]mem'ries are [Fm7]happy ton[A7]ight --
[Em7]I've had a[A7sus] love       [A7]of    [Am7]my o    [D7]wn.   
[G]I've had a l[Gm]ove of my [F#7]own, like y[B7]ours,
[Em7]I've had a [Bb9]love [A-9]of     [A7]my o[D]wn.  

Hello, young lovers, whoever you are,
I hope that your troubles are few;
[Em7-5]All my good wishes go with you tonight --
I've been in love like you. [-]

Be brave, young lovers, and follow your star;
Be brave and faithful and true.
[Em7-5]Cling very close to each other tonight --
I've been in love like you.

I know how it feels to have wings on your heels
And to fly down the street in a trance;
Yo[C#m7-5]u fly down the street on a [Bm7-5]chance that you'll meet,
And you meet not [Bm7-5]really by chance.

Don't cry, young lovers, whatever you do,
Don't cry because I'm alone;
[Em7-5]All of my mem'ries are happy tonight --
I've had a love of my own.
I've had a love of my own, like yours,
I've had a love [A-9]of my own.


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