Heart and Soul

Song Author Larry Clinton Submitted by: Anonymous

[F]Heart and [Dm7]soul,    [Gm7] I fell in l[C7]ove with you

[F]Heart and s[Dm7]oul,     [Gm7] the way a f[C7]ool would do m[F]ad - [D7]ly   

[Gm7]Because you h[C7]eld me ti[F]ght  

[D7] And stole a [Gm7]kiss in the [C7]night

[F]Heart and s[Dm7]oul,    [Gm7] I begged to [C7]be adored

[F]Lost con[Dm7]trol,    [Gm7] and tumbled [C7]overboard, gl[F]ad - [D7]ly   

[Gm7]That magic ni[C7]ght we ki[F]ssed t[D7]here in the [F]moon m[F7]ist.   


[Bb7]Oh but your l[A7]ips were th[D7]ril - l[G7]ing, m[C7]uch t[F7]oo t   [E7]hril - [A7]ling   

[Bb7]Never bef[A7]ore were m[D7]ine    [G7]so s   [C7]trange - [F7]ly w   [E7]ill - i[C7]ng   

But [F]now I [Dm7]see,     [Gm7] what one emb[C7]race can do

[F]Look at [Dm7]me,     [Gm7] it's got me l[C7]oving you m[F]ad - l[D7]y   

[G7]That little k[C7]iss you s[A7]tole [D7] h[G7]eld all my he[C7]art and so[F]ul.  

Heart and soul, I fell in love with you

Heart and soul, the way a fool would do mad - ly

Because you held me tight

And stole a kiss in the night

Heart and soul, I begged to be adored

Lost control, and tumbled overboard, glad - ly

That magic night we kissed there in the moon mist.


Oh but your lips were thril - ling, much too thril - ling

Never before were mine so strange - ly will - ing

But now I see, what one embrace can do

Look at me, it's got me loving you mad - ly

That little kiss you stole held all my heart and soul.


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