He Loves And She Loves

Song Author Ira Gershwin og George Gershwin Lyrics by: Ira Gershwin og George Gershwin Performer: Fred Astaire Submitted by: Anonymous
[A]He l[A6]oves a[A]nd  [E7/9] she loves [E7]and    [Em7/9]they love[Em7] so     [Gdim]why c     [B7]an't   
[D]You love[Bm7-5] and       [E7/6] I      [Fdim]love t     [A]oo? [F#7]    [D9]    [E7]    

Bi[A]rds [A6]love a[A]nd   [E7/9]bees love [E7]and    [Em7/9]whis - per - [Em7]ing     [Gdim]trees l[B7]ove,   
And t[D9]hat's wha[Bm7-5]t we       [E7/6]both s     [E7/9]hould      [A]do.  

I [Dalt] al - ways k[G]new s[D]ome - d[A7]ay y   [G]ou'd [G/F#]    [A7sus4] come        [A7] a - l[D]ong;
[F#7]We'll make[Edim] a      [F#7]twosome[Edim] that j[Bm]ust    [Bm7/E]can't go [E7/9]wrong, d[E7]arling.

[A]He l[A6]oves a[A]nd   [E7/9]she loves [E7]and    [Em7/9]they lov[Em7]e so    [Gdim] won't [B7]you   
[D9]Love me[Bm7-5] as       [E7/6] I      [E7/9]love y     [A]ou.  

He loves and she loves and they love so why can't
You love[Bm7-5] and I love too?

Birds love and bees love and whis - per - ing trees love,
And that's wha[Bm7-5]t we both should do.

I al - ways knew some - day you'd come a - long;
We'll make a twosome that just can't go wrong, darling.

He loves and she loves and they love so won't you
Love me[Bm7-5] as I love you.


  • A
  • A6
  • E7/9
  • E7
  • Em7/9
  • Em7
  • Gdim
  • B7
  • D
  • E7/6
  • Fdim
  • F#7
  • D9
  • Dalt: not exist
  • G
  • A7
  • G/F#
  • A7sus4
  • Edim
  • Bm
  • Bm7/E

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