Hawaiian Kickboxer

Song Author Moses Kamealoha III Lyrics by: Moses Kamealoha III Performer: Various Submitted by: christenmarquez
[F]E ho'omaka kakou[Bb] i ka,[F] ha'awina
E kia'i [C7]a'e, ho'opil[F]i mai
E keia mana[Bb]wa, peku[F] kakou
He ma[C7]na, ka[F] makou

[F]Oh, Hawaiia[Bb]n, Kic[F]kboxer
Mai nana l[C7]alo, nana[F] imua
Oh, Hawaii[Bb]an, Kic[F]kboxer
Mai nana h[C7]ope, imu[F]a! ho!

[F]The strong and [Bb]the brave, [F]gather in a circle
Making ready[C7] for t[F]he session
They train their bod[Bb]ies and t[F]heir minds, to be as one
That's how you ma[C7]ke Hawa[F]iian, Kickboxer

E ho'omaka kakou i ka, ha'awina
E kia'i a'e, ho'opili mai
E keia manawa, peku kakou
He mana, ka makou

Oh, Hawaiian, Kickboxer
Mai nana lalo, nana imua
Oh, Hawaiian, Kickboxer
Mai nana hope, imua! ho!

The strong and the brave, gather in a circle
Making ready for the session
They train their bodies and their minds, to be as one
That's how you make Hawaiian, Kickboxer


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